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Created for a complete human being.


Providing support and growth in Social, Emotional, and Mental for students, parents, and educators. we provide curriculum, health professionals, and industry professionals.

We have dedicated time each week to help rebuild the community by guiding the students and their families during these unusual times. This global pandemic has shaken our social and economic structure. A lot of families need emotional assistance as well as proper guidance with how to navigate the aftermath. 

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Connecting students to their purpose and their WHY.

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Private 1-on-1 time on a weekly basis for students and mentors.

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Professional mental & emotional counselors families.

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Guest speakers to inspire and motivate beyond their current horizons.

Our mentorship philosophy is to guide students to a path of self-awareness, connection, and empowerment. PUMP mentors focus on teaching students skills that go beyond the classroom such as proper time management, planning, routinely self assessments and consistency in discipline. Our mentoring is designed to create a safe space for open communication, allowing students to discover themselves. This is designed by the PUMP team in collaboration with experienced emotional and mental coaches.

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