PUMP 800 Approach 

Unique SHSAT Prep Design

4 Hour Workshop
70 Minutes Verbal
70 Minutes Math
70 Minutes Recitation
30 Minutes Mentorship
Exclusive 21 Students
7 Students per group
Individual Mentor per group
Special Guest Speakers


Phase 1: Solidify your Foundation!

  We start off by working with our students individually to ensure that they understand the basics of Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis.

Phase 2: Topic Based Drills

After their foundation understanding of math is solidified, we move on to SHSAT Topic based drills. Here they are exposed to the vast majority of SHSAT Math topics and are able to pick up important techniques and patterns.

Phase 3: SHSAT Math Test Prep!


After our SHSAT students have familiarized themselves with all the topics on the test, we mentor them on how to effectively tackle the Math section and get the score they need to get accepted into the specialized high school of their dreams!

Phase 1: Start Active Reading

We help our students improve their reading skills by starting with passages they can easily understand to improve their reading comprehension and grammatical understanding.


Phase 2: SHSAT Tool-Kit for Success

 Students then begin to organize the questions & passages, and we teach them how to identify effective tools designed to break down the problems. Rules & techniques for reading comprehension and grammar that seemed impossible before become familiar roadblocks they can easily overcome.

Phase 3: SHSAT Verbal Test Prep!

With increased familiarity and confidence, our students then begin rigorous time management practices, as well as short-hand techniques that help them improve at least 100 points in the Verbal section alone.  


This is the essence of PUMP. We dedicate the last 30 minutes to mentoring the kids in a life skill or general knowledge that goes beyond the scope of the exam. The purpose is to provide information that students can apply in all areas of life. ​

Some of the topics are:
  • Financial Literacy

  • Time Management 

  • Public Speaking

  • Goals & Organization

  • College Research

Some of our guest speakers:
  • Sargent in Port Authority

  • Financial Adviser 

  • Med School Student

  • Business Owner

  • School Principal