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Created for the future of education.


robust training for all educators to adapt & thrive in online learning. we provide trainers, oversight, and guiding resources.

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Designed by learning experts to train educators on how to become masters in virtual engagement

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Credible & experienced trainers to empower your staff for a new way of learning

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Resources to guide & track your teaching performance and how to self-assess your areas of growth

PUMP is dedicated to ensuring that the Social, Emotional, Mental & Academic needs of all students and educators who have turned to online learning are met. As a result, PUMP has teamed up with virtual learning experts to create a department dedicated to training and re-training educators on the art of teaching online. We draw from various online tools that provide a holistic and engaging approach to learning that helps simulate the in person experience of a school. Educators bring their expertise, and we bring our leadership for a collaboration towards success. Our goal is to provide educators with the tools and guidance they need in order to provide quality education to their students. 

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