COVID-19 Message to All Parents & Students

Updated: Mar 18

Dear Parents and Students,

We are writing to you today to address the global pandemic that has impacted all of our lives in a very sudden and rapid manner. Among these changing times, something very important is being compromised - our children’s education. The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting a never before seen challenge for the modern educational system. In these difficult times, PUMP is here to ensure your child’s future does not get impacted. Tough times require all of us to come together and be considerate of another, only then will we make it through safely. Please be aware that PUMP is actively following any news reports and updates related to the closing of schools and the transition to remote learning. The DOE has provided necessary resources on THIS LINK to aid in continuing your students’ education at home.

In addition to these resources, PUMP is continuing its role as a person to person educational organization. We intend to stay connected to one another, in spirit and through technology, as we carry on the work of teaching and learning remotely. We want parents and students to find comfort in the fact that PUMP is here to fill the gap that these circumstances are creating in the education system. To work around this, we use online platforms such as Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Explain Everything and Google Hangouts to preserve the human connection and authenticity of 1:1 mentoring. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you think your child’s education is being affected. PUMP is here and ready to provide remote tutoring for any and all subjects for all grade levels.

With Love,

Manpreet and Gunin