New York City SAT Test Day

New Yorkers, SAT Season is upon us!

We are fast approaching the NYC SAT Test day on Wednesday, March 4th. This means all the 11th graders of New York City have the opportunity to take the SAT exam for free at their high school. This is an amazing opportunity for two reasons:

1. It's FREE! Opposed to the $47 you would pay at other exams.

2. The grading curve is in your favor! The SAT is graded on a different scale every exam. That means if someone gets 15/20 questions correct, one scale can make that 600 and another scale can make that 630. This depends on the number of students who take the particular exam. Because NYC SAT Day is free, more students take the exam; the grading scale for the exam favors those who score high.

Understanding the SAT

What is the SAT? Why does it exist??

Scholastic Aptitude Test is an exam used by all U.S. colleges & universities to judge the admittance of an incoming student. The exam exists in order to have a "common ground" for all applicants. Students around the world come from various education systems and models, this means things like GPA, Extracurriculars, and Recommendation Letters all come from different rules and understandings therefore cannot always be judged against one another in an accurate manner. SAT is the one place where all students take the exact same exam, therefore can be ranked against one another on an leveled playing field.

The SAT breakdown:

Section 1 - (SAT Reading - 5 Passages, 52 questions): 65 Minutes

Break 1: 10 Minutes

Section 2 - (SAT Writing - 4 Passages, 44 questions): 35 minutes

Section 3 - (SAT Math, No Calculator - 20 questions): 25 Minutes

Break 2: 5 minutes

Section 4 - (Sat Math, with Calculator - 38 questions): 55 Minutes

Now what does all this mean for a student and parents?

This means it's time to start working hard!

All the juniors should take advantage of this opportunity by studying every single day in some manner. Start taking mock exams to build stamina and do practice problems to understand the content. Parents should be involved by encouraging children to be consistent and being patient with the results. Be involved in the college research process! Sit down with your child and start searching college options on the computer. Get familiar with the academic, financial, and social aspects of every college. Create a score goal for the SAT that will earn you a scholarship to your dream school!

So, that was a lot to take in. Let's take a deep breath. Breathe in...breathe out.

Get started right away and good luck!

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