Securing Your Child's Education

Do you want success in your child's education??

Of course you do! So do we!

This means your child needs to get a degree from an esteemed university.

Why, you might ask?

Well, check out these statistics:

All these numbers basically mean one thing:

The better university your child goes to, the more they will earn!

Society is at a point where even college has become branded. So to stay competitive in the job market, you must have a high brand name on your diploma. We don't like it either but it's the way it is.


You don't have to pay high bucks for your child to attend a high brand college! That's right!

College can be expensive, but not if you prepare. That's where we come in.

Want the best college for your child but don't know where to start?

Start with us! Learn how to begin the college admissions process with an experienced mentor. So many of our students have earned scholarships by increasing their SAT scores and polishing their application. Every single one of our students improves at least 100 points.

How do we do that??

Our unique test prep design. We keep our students to mentor ratio low to make sure each child gets individual attention in a group environment. We have dedicated mentors for each subject to ensure our teachers don't burn out. We connect the bigger dots for students to understand why any of it even matters.

PUMP is an education service dedicated to mentoring.

We understand it can be stressful, that's why we're here to make it easier.

Sign up below for a free college consultation!

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