At PUMP, we strive to mentor kids to become productive members of society. Our mentorship is the core aspect that differentiates PUMP from other educational services. We are a team of highly ambitious and hard working educators, mentoring the youth through experience. Our services empower our mentees with the proper knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals.

Our services are offered in two ways:

  • In class with our experienced mentors at PUMP City. Come into our location during our scheduled times. This is for the students who learn better in a group environment.

  • One-on-one private focused sessions in the comfort of your home. We send one of our top mentors to a location you both agree upon, that can be your home, a cafe, or a library. This is for students who learn better with individual attention. 



Intensive training for middle school students striving to go into a Specialized High School.

Academic Prep

Academic prep for students of all ages after school. We offer dedicated mentors for each subject.

SAT prep

Our uniquely designed SAT prep offered all year round for high school students. 

College guidance

Virtual college guidance by experienced mentors. We keep our batches to an intimate size of 3 students to ensure individualized attention.