Specialized High School

Admissions Test

A standardized exam used by the 9 specialized high schools in NYC to evaluate the acceptance of incoming freshmen.

Free Practice Test

Full-length proctored mock exam to recreate test conditions.

  • 3 hour exam 

  • 90 minutes Math + 90 minutes Reading

Detailed score report provided.

  • Diagnostic feedback for each section

  • Raw + scaled scores 

Review session to go over the entire exam.

  • Discuss all the questions + answers

  • Learn the basic tips for test taking


  • Increase test taking stamina

  • Improve up to 100 points in ONE session


Stuyvesant High School


Brooklyn Technical High School


Bronx High School of Science


Brooklyn Latin School


Staten Island Technical High School


High School for Mathematics, Science, & Engineering at City College


Queens High School for the Sciences at York College



High School for American Studies at Lehman College


LaGuardia High School of Music & Arts

Specialized high schools are New York City's top public high schools for those who excel academically or creatively. Compared to other public schools, the specialized high schools demand a much higher vigor and focus from their students. These schools are designed to prepare the students for a highly competitive environment, both in academia and performing arts.

Why attend a specialized high school?

Studies have shown that a large percentage of the students from NYC who get accepted into top private universities and Ivy League colleges such as NYU or Harvard, come from one of the 9 specialized high schools. A prime example is one of PUMP’s founders, Sandesh Bhattarai, who graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School and was accepted into New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. 

Admissions Process

In order to apply, the student must meet the following two requirements:

1. Must be a NYC resident.

2. Must be a current 8th OR 9th grader.

The admissions process begins whilst applying for high schools in the 8th grade or while applying for transfer in the 9th grade. Admission for 8 out of the 9 schools is based strictly on the SHSAT score. The student's GPA, other standardized test scores and extra curricular activities are not necessary to get you into one of these schools.


Admission for LaGuardia High School is based strictly on submitting a portfolio and auditioning in a talent area from one of the following:

1. Fine & Visual Art

2. Vocal Music 

3. Instrumental Music

4. Dance

5. Drama

6. Technical Theater




The following is a table of the range of cut off scores for each school from the 2018 SHSAT. *Note that the range of cut off scores for 2020 are subject to change slightly.

Stuyvesant                                                         559 - 698

Brooklyn Tech                                                     493 - 668

Bronx Science                                                    518 - 637

Brooklyn Latin                                                     482 - 555

Staten Island Tech                                               519 - 660

HSMSE @ City College                                        516 - 616

Queens Science @ York College                           511 - 542

HSAS @ Lehman                                                 516 - 633


The SHSAT is a 3 hour Math & Verbal exam scored out of 800 total points. Students are expected to choose the time spent on either section. A rigorous time management strategy is essential for a competitive score. The score is measured against the other test takers, and the scaled scores are used to differentiate students who perform better than the majority of the applicants to give them priority in the admissions process.



Heading 3

  • 57 Multiple Choice

    • Stand-alone Editing Questions

    • Passage Revising Questions 

    • Reading Comprehension

  • Demands efficient reading of a variety of literature

  • Expects robust understanding of grammar

  • Tests students' ability to organize & interpret information

  • Requires robust understanding of grammar



  • 52 Multiple Choice & 5 Grid-In, No Calculator

    • Algebra​

    • Geometry

    • Data Analysis

  • Demands skillful application of mathematical techniques

  • Increases in solution complexity throughout the section 

  • Tests students' ability to model & solve puzzling problems

  • Requires well-practiced time management skills