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About PUMP

Our goal is to teach you how to learn.

PUMP is innovating test prep by creating an individualized experience in a group environment. We focus on the value of mentorship and connection. We offer weekly PUMPshops and weekend proctored exams. We enhance each student's education through mentorship led by expert mentors.

Mentorship is at the heart of PUMP. Our mentors are highly experienced professionals who create a relationship with the students in order to foster their self growth. For us, guiding the path for others is mentorship.

Test Prep Services

Private Tutor

We will connect you with an experienced mentor for 1-on-1 sessions in the comfort of your home. Our mentors provide individualized focus and attention. Let us know any subject you need and PUMP will provide!

Group Classes

Join us in our class sessions at our location in Midtown East. At PUMP, we create an environment of fun learning and connection with all the students and mentors. We invite you to come by the space to experience it for yourself!

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When I started prep for the SAT, my first goal of 1500 or above seemed like a reach, and through the help of PUMP, I was actually able to surpass my goal and score 1540. Their fantastic tutors helped me achieve a 740 in Verbal and 800 in Math because they pinpointed exactly what MY needs are and worked on those areas with me, something a lot of other companies do not prioritize.

Keviin Shah - 1540

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