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Learning On Virtual Environment

A program designed for an encompassing online school experience. Approaching education holistically, we focus on the Social, Emotional, Mental, and Academic needs of all students, parents, and educators. Providing structure for the virtual learning era, with freedom for your education standards.

LOVE is designed for schools and organizations.

We offer educators, supervisors, social emotional counselors, and curriculum. You can incorporate the full program or choose parts according to your needs. These are the services offered inside LOVE:​​

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We are a licensed educational vendor with the NYC Department of Education and are working year round to support students, parents & schools with virtual learning. PUMP’s unique lesson plans, curricula, and educational models are designed to encompass experiential learning rather than lecture/recitation. PUMP’s core academic curricula are constructed by experienced experts in each field and in accordance with Next Gen Standards, as recognized by the NYC Department of Education.

LOVE makes remote learning fun and engaging. We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel, we incorporate existing virtual tools in our classes. We’re constantly finding new ways to make the classes more engaging for students and educators. Some of our methods:

  • Videos

  • Music

  • Virtual Field Trips

  • Khan Academy

  • Google Tools: slides, jamboard

  • Kahoot

Our programs, curricula and content are designed by experienced educators and creators. Our unique programs implore the best methods of pedagogy according to the subject matter. We understand that people are unique and that each person has a preferred learning style. This is why we blend our learning models for optimal learning. Some of our models:

  • Montessori

  • Behaviorist 

  • Constructivism

  • Cognitive

  • Lecture & Recitation

The Process. This is how it works.

Getting to know you and your needs.

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Our Solutions

Take our LOVE.

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Let's do it together.

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