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Creative Arts

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Allow students to explore and express themselves through a creative space with the guidance of a mentor.

We provide the curriculum and mentors.

Students will be tasked to challenge themselves through project based learning which will require them to take a more independent approach from the conventional learning system and take ownership of their time, which is a key aspect to being successful.

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This is an introductory creative arts education course that will immerse students in all 6 artforms. Students will work on a new project for each artform with the freedom to collaborate in a team or focus individually. Mentors will be available for any guidance and support with brainstorming, researching, planning, and executing their projects. The Presentation Of Learnings will showcase their growth inside the artform at the end of each artistic learning. 

This is a spectacular course designed for an artistic experience. Students will immerse themselves into 6 major artforms for creative learning that will educate them on history, artists, and the process of creation. Every student will have the opportunity to create their own art piece inside of each artform. We will explore identity and culture through the arts, allowing kids to learn deeper about their roots and empower them with the ability to present in front of others. Students will walk away knowing if they want to pursue any of these artforms further for education or career.

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