Test Prep



Scholastic Aptitude Test

A standardized exam used by colleges across the U.S. to evaluate the readiness of incoming undergraduates.

Section 1


  • 65 Minutes, 52 Multiple Choice, 5 Passages​​

    • 2 Natural Sciences​

    • 1 Fictional 

    • 1 Global Conversation

    • 1 Social Science

  • Tests students' ability to organize & interpret information

  • Requires robust time management & planning 

Section 2


  • 35 Minutes, 44 Multiple Choice​, 4 passages

    • Grammar

    • Punctuation

    • Comprehensive skills

  • Tricks students with common grammatical errors 

  • Demands precise punctuation knowledge

  • Requires fundamental understanding of grammar in context

  • 25 Minutes, 15 Multiple Choice & 5 Grid-In, No Calculator

    • Algebra​

    • Geometry

    • Trigonometry 

  • Tests students' calculation confidence in a timely manner

  • Increases in solution complexity throughout the section

  • Requires efficient problem solving skills

Section 3


Section 4


  • 55 Minutes, 30 Multiple Choice & 8 Grid-In, Calculator

    • Algebra​

    • Geometry

    • Trigonometry

  • Tests students' judgement of efficient calculator utility 

  • Increases in solution complexity throughout the section 

  • Requires well-practiced time management skills

our Method

test prep

  • Unique education models for individualized learning

  • Online test prep

  • Personalized test strategy plans for every student

  • Mock exams with detailed score reports

  • Dedicated Math and Verbal drills 

  • Mentorship for skills that go beyond the classroom



Really helped me improve my scores and get ready for SATs. The instructors engage the students in teaching and keep students involved in the class.



Not only did I receive meaningful practice for the test, but I also got some amazing insight about college & career plans that will definitely help my future. Staff is super nice and give real advice as they all have personal experience.



They pinpointed exactly what MY needs are and worked on those areas with me, something a lot of other companies do not prioritize. I highly recommend PUMP for prep.


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