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Specialized High School Admissions Test

A standardized exam used by the 9 specialized high schools in NYC to evaluate the acceptance of incoming freshmen.


Specialized high schools are New York City's top public high schools for those who excel academically or creatively. Compared to other public schools, the specialized high schools demand a much higher vigor and focus from their students. These schools are designed to prepare the students for a highly competitive environment, both in academia and performing arts.

The SHSAT is a 3 hour Math & Verbal exam scored out of 800 total points. The score is measured against the other test takers, and the scaled scores are used to differentiate students who perform better than the majority of the applicants to give them priority in the admissions process.


These schools prepare students for a high performing environment with responsibility and work load. Studies have shown that a large percentage of the students from NYC who get accepted into top private universities and Ivy League colleges such as NYU or Harvard, come from one of the 9 specialized high schools.


  • 57 Multiple Choice

    • Stand-alone Editing Questions

    • Passage Revising Questions 

    • Reading Comprehension

  • Demands efficient reading of a variety of literature

  • Expects robust understanding of grammar

  • Tests students' ability to organize & interpret information

  • Requires robust understanding of grammar


  • 52 Multiple Choice & 5 Grid-In, No Calculator

    • Algebra​

    • Geometry

    • Data Analysis

  • Demands skillful application of mathematical techniques

  • Increases in solution complexity throughout the section 

  • Tests students' ability to model & solve puzzling problems

  • Requires well-practiced time management skills

our Method

test prep

  • Unique education models for individualized learning

  • Online test prep

  • Personalized test strategy plans for every student

  • Mock exams with detailed score reports

  • Dedicated Math and Verbal drills 

  • Mentorship for skills that go beyond the classroom

other Entrance Exams

  • Hunter High School

  • Bard Early College

  • Beacon Portfolio

  • Upper level SSAT 

  • Upper level ISEE

test prep
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high school


high school admissions

Public school application, interview support for schools such Bard High school.

Navigating the high school admissions process can be challenging for a wide range of reasons. PUMP’s high school admissions consulting process helps students walk through their applications and exams. We provide mentorship for standardized exams such as Upper Level ISEE & SSAT as well as individual school admissions such as Bard and Hunter High School. Interview support is also available for students applying to the Bard High School for Early College. 


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